Our team partnered with Cadence, a fintech startup unlocking access to investments traditionally reserved for institutions. With over $100 million dollars of investments processed since launching in 2018, Cadence has dominated the spotlight as a leading fintech venture in alternative investments. Lightmatter designed, developed, and launched the first version of this platform.



Design, Development, Growth


Wagtail, Python, Django, React


Responsive Web App

Our Work
  • Discovery and Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Analytics and Growth

New Access To Assets

With strong conviction and contrarian attitudes, the founders of Cadence wanted to democratize access to exclusive high yield, short term investments for the average investor. To do this, we built a mobile responsive web application that was secure, reliable, and able to instill confidence in the company’s very first users. A variety of workflows were created for Cadence’s members to review investment memos, sign and agree to legal documents, transfer funds, and then receive a payout for their investments at maturity.

Process and Plan

A Unique and Elegant Approach

Not only is the platform distinct in how the investments are processed and the transactions registered, the investments themselves are unique. They’re high yield with competitive rates, allowing you to generate passive income. These opportunities are also uncorrelated to alpha, short in duration, and diversified across sectors and industries rather than just a few niches.


Validation From The Experts

Cadence went on to raise their seed round from Coinbase Ventures and other notable investors with the platform our team created. We're excited to watch their growth and invest with their team over the coming years.

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"Lightmatter was incredibly easy to work with and invaluable in launching our product."

Nelson Chu Founder and CEO

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