Galileo Health

Galileo is an NYC startup disrupting healthcare through a value based delivery model, telehealth, and a digital first platform. Over a multi-month period, we partnered with their exceptional team to design and develop many of the backend and responsive platforms used to provide care. We also designed the earliest versions of the native iOS application.



Design, Development


Python, Flask, Angular


Native and Responsive Web Apps

Our Work
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

Breaking Industry Expectations

In a world of antiquated healthcare technology and platforms, Galileo provides a new type of experience: comprehensive treatment and support through a world-class medical team and a modern, mobile-first platform. From everyday health needs to more complex, chronic conditions, Galileo allows its members to instantly access the wisdom of expert physicians.

Process and Plan

A Connected Experience For Health

Our team worked closely with Galileo to build a delightful experience for patient end users as well as a functional platform for care providers. Through a careful process of research, design, and development, we helped build an intuitive and comprehensive workflow for multiple users on a variety of platforms.

Process and Plan

Modular and Component Driven Development

Throughout the development process, we worked alongside the Galileo engineering team to create reusable components, templates, and pages for the team of care providers. We also optimized database queries, built dashboards for physicians, and connected other apps into the software ecosystem.


Future Success

We're thrilled to have been involved in the early creation of the platform. Designing and building for health is a difficult endeavor, but it's been rewarding to see the growth and adoption of Galileo's product.


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