Visual Lease

Visual Lease is a software company that helps businesses organize and manage large volumes of corporate and retail location leases. Through a cloud-based SaaS platform, this startup helps customers proactively maintain their leases by providing insights on lease data, compliance reminders and procedures, and administration and accounting tools. Lightmatter updated the company’s design system and brand, migrated their legacy technology platform, and built a new set of applications and APIs using a microservices architecture.



Design, Development


Angular, Storybook, Python, Django, C#


API, Single Page Apps, Legacy Transformation

What We Did
  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Software Audit
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

Modernizing Everything

Every legacy transformation runs the risk of jeopardizing the existing platform's performance. Over a multi-month period, Lightmatter followed a careful set of procedures and operations to ensure a steady transition while migrating designs, data, software, and hosting infrastructure.

Process and Plan

Auditing Design, Tech, and Quality of Product

To begin, we audited the existing company infrastructure. We assessed the design system and brand assets, the platform’s technology and third party integrations, and company process such as how teams divided and managed their work. After interviewing engineers, designers, project managers, and product owners, we delivered a comprehensive software roadmap to the executive team.

Process and Plan

An Ecosystem of Apps

We initiated and coordinated multiple projects to begin the migration. Our design team updated the brand and modified the User Experience and User Interface for the most important workflows and features of Visual Lease’s software. Meanwhile, our engineers built an API to serve as the central foundation of the microservices architecture.

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Bringing Delight to Lease Accounting

After completing the API and additional projects around authentication and lease management, we built multiple Single Page Applications to replicate the existing workflows in the legacy platform. Over time, we modified and updated the brand so users incrementally experienced a newer, bolder, and more powerful Visual Lease platform without losing the functionality they were used to.


Patient, flexible, and great to work with. They're an outstanding creative and development team.

Dave Johnson Director of Engineering

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